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Bots & EAs.

At TTF we allow the use of certain Bots & EA’s however there are certain restrictions on the types of EA’s and bots that can be used.

If you decide to use HFT bots on your Master account, your account will be terminated.

Prohibited EA types:

  1. News Scalping EA’s: EAs that exist to take advantage of price fluctuations specifically during news events by executing rapid scalping trades.
  2. Arbitrage EA’s (Reverse and Latency) : EA’s that exist to capitalize on price differences between different markets or brokers, either through reverse trading or latency – related strategies.
  3. Multi-Account Reverse Trading EA: Any form of reverse mirror trading, that makes the inverse trade from one account to another.
  4. Tick Scalping: Bots that trade at extremely high speed based on tick-level price movements
  5. EA’s designed to abuse demo servers: Any EA designed to exploit a demo server environment

We highly recommend that if you plan to use an EA that it be your personal EA you have developed, not one that is available mass market. We have a strict copy trading rule, where your trades cannot match the exact trades of another trader so we recommend you make your EA as unique as possible.

Failure to abide by the above rules will result in account termination.

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