21% Split from the Challenge.

The Trader Forge is the only Prop Firm that offers a 21% Profit Share starting from the virtual profits obtained during the phases of the challenge. This is to incentivise our best Challengers and to keep our promise of the best Payout Bonuses in the world. In detail: For Goldsmith Challenge you will gain 10% from […]

How is salary attributed?

To receive the bonus salary from the stage 4th and above, the challenger must follow the following rules:

How payouts are processed?

Payouts at The Trader Forge are executed through the partner platform Rise on riseworks.io. Upon confirmed payout, the Challenger will be asked to create a personal account on Rise using the same email provided for the order and confirmed during KYC. Rise serves as a payment platform for contractors, offering Challengers the ability to withdraw […]

Payout Cycles & Profit Share.

Once you receive your Master account the following payout schedule applies: GOLDSMITH WARRIOR RAIDER 1st Payout Cycle Time 21 days 14 days 21 days Minimum Trading Days 8 8 8 Profit Share 80% 70% 80% Profit Share (HFT passed) 50% 50% 50% Bonuses – – – Bonuses (HFT passed) – – – 2nd Payout Cycle […]

Can I trade when I request a withdraw?

Once you request a withdraw you must wait for the confirmation from the Payout department. Typically this can take between 6 and 72 business hours. Once you see the email of payout confirmation, it’ll be asked you to create a new demo account and send us the credentials via the Activation form in your dashboard.

The prohibited trading strategies.

At TTF, we welcome a wide range of simulated trading practices, but we seek professional challengers who can effectively manage significant capital and mitigate risks. We prioritize individuals who approach demo simulated trading with professionalism rather than those who engage in gambling or attempt to exploit the system. Below are the practices/strategies that are not […]

Overweekend holdings.

There are no limitations regarding the duration you can maintain a trade throughout the week. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to grasp that keeping trades open overnight will result in swap fees and may expose you to potential spread fluctuations. You may hold trades over the weekend during the evaluation phases. You cannot hold over the weekend […]

Stoploss Rule.

If you use an HFT bot during the evaluation phase, you will definitely encounter this rule within the master account. This rule requires that a stop loss be placed, with any value, within a 300-second timeframe after placing the market order (in the case of a pending trade, we consider the opening of the trade). […]

Volumes Rule.

After you pass the Evaluation Phases with the hft bots, we look at how much you usually trade. We find the average size. Then we say your trades should be between 0.25 and 2.0 times that average. If they’re not, you might get a warning and lose some profit. This helps keep trading safe and […]

Consistency Rule.

The consistency rule applies to your master account only if you have passed the challenge with HFT bots. Consistency in TTF is calculated based on profits, not lots. The consistency factor is set at 33% for all the Challenges.The consistency calculation is Total Balance at the end of the payout cycle multiplied by 0.33, and […]

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