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Countries with Limitations for Affiliates and Payouts.

At TTF we welcome traders from all countries to participate in our challenges, thanks to the flexibility and robustness of our technology infrastructure. Here’s how we ensure inclusive and transparent trading opportunities for everyone:

  • Demo Accounts: We connect exclusively to demo accounts created by clients on their chosen broker platforms. This ensures that all accounts are under the client’s responsibility, and we do not directly provide any accounts associated with either limited or non-limited brokers.
  • Broker Independence: We do not have active partnerships with any broker. We recommend creating a demo account on your preferred broker’s platform, but it must be a demo account. This policy underscores our commitment to faith and transparency, ensuring that we do not impose market maker conditions.
  • Inclusive Access: Our platform is accessible to traders from all countries, including those often restricted, such as the US, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, and more. This inclusivity ensures that everyone has the opportunity to showcase their trading skills.

We believe in providing the best opportunities for our clients to demonstrate their trading abilities in a fair and open environment.

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