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Do you copy simulated trades to live funds?

For the majority of our users, we do not replicate trades onto live accounts.

However, we reserve the option to utilize the trading strategies and data of a select few users to execute trades using TTF trading’s own accounts in real markets.

The Trader Forge is dedicated to gathering and analyzing data from a diverse range of TTF challengers. Our aim is to develop proprietary trading strategies that have the highest potential for consistent returns. Additionally, we will leverage the collected data to provide insights to our own hedge funds or private equity firms, as well as third-party entities engaged in real trading activities.

Our trading strategies are designed to mitigate risk by avoiding over-reliance on any single challenger, while still allowing individual challengers the freedom to implement their unique strategies. As our user base expands, so does the scope and depth of our data, thereby enhancing our trading algorithms and providing a more robust foundation for data-driven development. Contrary to popular belief, constructing a successful trading system is a complex process that involves extensive periods of data collection, thorough analysis, and ongoing refinement.

Am I Trading Real Capital?

Once you successfully complete your evaluation, you’ll be working with simulated master accounts.

A Simulated Master Account represents virtual demo funds of their own demo account that Challengers may utilize, potentially earning a profit share based on a percentage of the simulated profit generated in their account, in accordance with the Profit Split associated with the simulated master account.

To clarify, a Simulated Master Account operates as a fully simulated demo account, featuring real market quotes sourced from the broker the Client chose before starting the Challenge. Trading data from these accounts is utilized by our proprietary trading firm, which may choose to copy trades and develop proprietary trading strategies based on this data.

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