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Your Broker. Your Conditions.

Your Leverage. Our Money.

Your Leverage. Our Money.

The Challenge System™

Dynamic. Versatile. Revolutionary.

Dynamic. Versatile. Revolutionary.

Trader Forge stands as the vanguard of fintech market innovation, driven by its dynamic Challenge System™. This visionary project monitors prop challenges across global brokers, offering a versatile  prop trading experience to all of its Challengers. It’s a beacon of opportunity, where skill meets strategy in real-time competition. Empowering Challengers worldwide, The Trader Forge transcends traditional boundaries, fostering growth and excellence.

Join the Prop 2.0 revolution, embrace the versatility, and unleash your potential with The Trader Forge.

Expanding the clientele in the US with Ease

Breaking Barriers. 🇺🇸

Embark on a journey of expansion without borders with our revolutionary system. Say farewell to obstacles and embrace a seamless path to acquiring clients in the US. Experience the power of simplicity as you effortlessly connect with clients across the United States. Our groundbreaking solution removes all complications, allowing you to focus on building meaningful relationships and driving growth.

With our innovative system, geographical boundaries are a thing of the past. Step into a world where reaching clients in the US is as easy as a click of a button.

Welcome to a future where reaching clients in the globe is not just possible, but effortless.

Think Big.

21% Split from the Challenge.

At The Trader Forge, we stand apart as the sole Prop Firm extending a generous 21% Profit Share, commencing from the initial phases of the simulated challenge. This initiative serves as a powerful incentive, recognizing and rewarding the prowess of our top Challengers. Our commitment remains unwavering in delivering the most awarding Payout Bonuses globally. We understand the dedication and skill our Challengers bring to the table, and it’s our mission to ensure they receive the recognition and rewards they deserve.

By offering this enticing Profit Share structure, we not only incentivize excellence but also cultivate a thriving community of Challengers who are poised for success.

Join us at The Trader Forge, where your talents are valued, and your potential is limitless. Experience the difference and elevate your trading journey with us.

Endless withdrawals & Priceless Rewards.

Enter the Forge Club.

Enter the Forge Club.

At TTF, the Forge Club stands as a testament to virtual trading mastery, where achieving three consecutive payouts of 8% profit unlocks a new realm of possibilities.
Gain access to Unlimited Withdrawals, enjoy TTF Rewards after each cycle, and experience the freedom of NO Maximum Daily Loss restrictions.
Elevate your virtual trading journey where excellence is not just recognized, but richly rewarded.

Take it all.

100% Legendary Profit Share.

100% Legendary Profit Share.

Embark on a journey to Prop Challenge empowerment with The Trader Forge. Commence your venture with an equitable 80:20 profit arrangement, then advance to a more advantageous 85:15 split. As you refine your strategies and broaden your horizons, reach the prestigious level of an 90:10 profit share. Finally, ascend to the pinnacle of prosperity with an extraordinary 100% profit share in your favor, where every virtual penny earned is yours to command.

Going All in.

Up to 6,000.00 USD in Bonus Salary.

Up to 6,000.00 USD in Bonus Salary.

Unlock the potential to earn up to $6,000 in bonus salary with The Trader Forge. Leverage your skills and transform your account’s performance into a salary.
It’s not just about the trades; it’s about recognizing and compensating your talent and dedication.
Begin your journey with us, where your prowess can turn into your earnings.

An experience in a Prop 2.0

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Phase I


Phase II

The Goldsmith challenge of The Trader Forge does not have maximum simulated virtual trading days. The trading period for phase 1 and phase 2 is unlimited calendar days. If a participant completes the simulated virtual Trading Objectives, they can proceed without waiting.

To meet the simulated virtual trading objective, you must trade for at least 3 days during the current cycle, with at least one simulated demo position opened on each of those days, defined as a day with at least one executed demo trade, and multi-day simulated trades counted towards the day of execution.



The size of the Maximum Daily Loss in the TTF Goldsmith Challenge provides traders with ample room for simulated trading while identifying a clearly defined daily risk. This rule ensures that virtual account value does not fall below the limit, which includes any possible floating losses. For more information on why this rule exists, please navigate to this page.



The TTF Goldsmith Challenge has a rule known as the “maximum loss” which requires that the simulated equity or balance of the simulated trading demo account never falls below 88% of the initial demo account balance during the account’s lifetime.



The Virtual Profit target in the Goldsmith Challenge is set to 8% of the initial balance and 4% in the verification. Virtual Profit target means that a demo trader reaches a virtual profit in the sum of closed simulated positions on the assigned simulated trading demo account anytime within unlimited calendar days in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Also, at the end of the trading period, all simulated positions must be closed.

USD 8,000 (8%)

USD 4,000 (4%)

The Virtual Demo Broker is nothing more than the choice of the broker with which you decide to participate in the virtual TTF Challenge. After purchasing the Virtual Challenge, choose one of the Virtual Demo Brokers recommended by us from your personal dashboard*

*The Virtual Demo Brokers recommended by us are an indication. They are the brokers currently verified as fully compatible with our proprietary monitoring system. Click here to have a preview of the Virtual Demo Brokers selected.

Choose it after placing the order.

The Platform to choose for your TTF Challenge is your choice: you decide whether platform 4 or platform 5 (no other compatible platform at the moment) and we do the rest.

Choose it after placing the order.

Unlocking a world of opportunity, the refundable fee awaits those who conquer the TTF simulated challenge with precision. Success brings not just accomplishment, but also the return of your investment. Seize the moment, embrace the test, and claim what’s rightfully yours—a reimbursement for your skill and determination.

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