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Overweekend holdings.

There are no limitations regarding the duration you can maintain a trade throughout the week. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to grasp that keeping trades open overnight will result in swap fees and may expose you to potential spread fluctuations.

You may hold trades over the weekend during the evaluation phases. You cannot hold over the weekend once you have your master account if you passed the evaluation phases with HFT bots. If you do not close your trades by market close on Friday, this will result in a hard breach and the loss of your Master account.

The overweekend rule is one of those rules in the list of “Warnings”. If you reach the sum of 5 warnings (soft violations) you will reach the hard breach alert leading to the termination of your account.

If you haven’t Passed with HFT bots, you can hold simulated positions during the weekend in all the challenges.

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