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What exactly is The Trader Forge?

The Trader Forge functions as an online platform specialised as an online demo trading evaluation firm.

Through our service, individuals can undertake our virtual evaluation to showcase their virtual demo trading expertise in a risk-free setting, requiring only an initial fee for participation. Upon successful completion, qualified participants gain the opportunity to earn simulated profits from their activities in a Master Account, provided they adhere to our Terms of Use and Customer Agreement.

At The Trader Forge, we firmly believe in granting every virtual retail trader the chance to secure simulated capital based on their performance and dedication to developing their demo trading enterprise.

You’ll find us actively engaging on Instagram and X (@thetraderforge), where we share daily insights into trading education and demonstrate our unwavering enthusiasm for the industry. We invite you to become part of our Discord community (linked at the home page), where you can stay informed about the latest enhancements and join us in celebrating the vibrant community we’ve fostered together.

Please note: A payout refers to compensation based on data derived from simulated profit metrics.

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