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What is a Master Account?

A Master Account refers to any account where a trader may receive compensation based on a percentage of the simulated profits generated within the account, as determined by the payout associated with the demo account. This compensation is subject to our Terms of Use and Customer Agreement. (Note: A payout refers to compensation based on data measured by simulated profit).

Clients earn Master Accounts after successfully completing one of our evaluation programs and undergoing the necessary KYC/AML screening.

It’s important to clarify that a Master Account is entirely simulated, with real market quotes sourced from liquidity providers. Trading data is transmitted to a partnered proprietary trading firm, which has discretion over replicating trades and developing proprietary trading strategies based on the data.

Account Type and Broker Switching:
Customers cannot switch account types or brokers after executing a trade on a Master account. This policy change is crucial to prevent exploitation and uphold the integrity of our trading platform.

Please note that only Challenge accounts or Master accounts that have not yet executed a trade are eligible for switching account types or brokers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these updated guidelines.

Disclaimer: Hypothetical or simulated performance results have limitations. Unlike actual performance records, simulated results do not reflect real trading. Additionally, since the trades haven’t been executed, the results may overcompensate or undercompensate for certain market factors such as liquidity. Simulated trading programs are designed with hindsight, and no guarantee is made that any account will achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.

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